Water Policy

As Pilenpak and Inka Packaging, we are aware that water is an indispensable source of life, and we are aware that our policies and actions regarding water have a significant impact on employees, customers, and other communities.

In this context, we recognize the right of all people to access clean water and sanitary conditions;

  •   Improve our water performance in line with our environmental goals, with a focus on reducing water consumption, increasing water efficiency, improving water monitoring systems, and recovering and reusing water,

  •   Minimize our water-related environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle by adopting innovative technologies,

  •   Raising awareness of all our employees, stakeholders, and society on water pollution and efficient use of water,

  •   Ensuring compliance by following our obligations in line with national legislation, standards, and customer expectations regarding water consumption and wastewater,

we declare and undertake.