Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Pilenpak and Inka Packaging, we aim to create a healthy and safe working environment at all stages of our production activities. Being aware that quality and efficient production can be made with healthy and safe personnel, our priority is always based on the principle of “Safety First”.

In this direction,

  •   Ensuring compliance by following our obligations in line with national legislation, standards and customer expectations on occupational health and safety,

  •   To create and develop an occupational health and safety culture in our workplace and to ensure that it becomes a lifestyle,

  •   To continuously improve our processes and increase our performance with a proactive approach to occupational health and safety,

  •   To receive the opinions and suggestions of all our personnel on identifying the risks related to occupational health and safety and determining the measures to be taken and to ensure their participation in the work to be carried out,

  •   To reduce our risks by taking the necessary collective safety measures against fire and explosions,

  •   To create ergonomically appropriate working conditions and to make the necessary improvements in this sense,

  •   To continuously monitor whether our employees are suitable for the work they do in terms of health and to employ each of our personnel in a physically suitable job,

  •   To fight against child labor, not to employ child labor in our workplace processes and not to allow subcontractors, suppliers, customers and all our stakeholders to employ child labor,

  •   While taking precautions regarding our occupational health and safety risks, first of all, to eliminate the risk, reduce it at its source or adopt collective protection measures,

  •   Providing all kinds of personal protective equipment with the most suitable features for the work to be done in order to protect our employees from work-related risks and

    delivering them to the personnel,

  •   To ensure that our machinery and equipment are kept in the most appropriate conditions for occupational health and safety by following technological developments,

  •   To continue to develop and improve trainings and activities for our employees, employees of the subcontractor/supplier companies from which we receive services,

    visitors and interns in order to adopt occupational health and safety principles, we declare and undertake.