IMS Policy

We believe that the way to achieve our vision is through the implementation and maintenance of management systems designed to continuously improve performance.
Therefore, as Pilenpak and Inka;

  •   To meet the expectations of our stakeholders,

  •   To effectively address all kinds of complaints of our stakeholders by ensuring the continuity of feedback,

  •   To carry out all our activities in accordance with the laws and all kinds of legislation,

  •   To increase the competencies of our employees,

  •   Work for the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases,

  •   Protecting the environment, reducing environmental impacts and working to prevent pollution,

  •   To produce in accordance with food and health,

  •   Ensure and protect the accuracy of our information assets,

  •   To ensure the confidentiality of information belonging to our stakeholders when necessary,

  •   Continuous improvement by increasing the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System,

  •   In line with the green consensus, to increase the use of natural energy sources that do not cause carbon emissions and to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly production