Environment Policy

As Pilenpak and Inka Packaging, we carry out all our activities with a sense of duty to be sensitive to the environment and to leave a livable environment to future generations.

In this direction,

  •   To aim for continuous improvement to reduce negative environmental impacts and protect biodiversity by evaluating the environmental aspects of all processes of our business and throughout the product life cycle,

  •   Ensuring compliance by following our obligations in line with national environmental legislation, standards and customer expectations,

  •   To monitor the carbon emissions resulting from our activities and to work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,

  •   Preventing pollution sources, continuously reducing the use of natural resources and increasing the use of renewable energy by taking into account the environmental impact of projects related to products and processes,

  •   To be in constant communication with our customers, suppliers and all our stakeholders in order to improve the environmental impact of our products; to carry out all necessary work to meet the suggestions and expectations received in this regard,

  •   To raise awareness of our employees, suppliers, customers and all other stakeholders in order to raise our environmental standards,

  •   To plan and implement measures to minimize environmental damages in case of accidents, emergencies or extraordinary situations that may occur during our activities and to contribute to the protection of natural life by not deforesting,

  •   To use our resources effectively and to prevent waste generated in our production processes at the source, to reduce waste, to operate recovery or appropriate disposal processes,

  •   To fulfill all our responsibilities in transferring a clean and healthy environment that is sensitive to climate change to future generations, we declare and undertake.