Film production

Extrusion plants the advantage of in-house production
We have been producing film, especially for the food industry, since 1990. Today, modern plants supply our printing departments with both PE film and PE barrier film (PA or EVOH).
PilenPak extrudes films formulated by your needs exclusively.
This brings huge advantage since the film is designed specific to customer requirements that adds value to perfect runnability on high speed packing machinery. From ink to print,control on the whole CHAIN
Colours almost being the most challenging job of the business, are handled by our sophisticated colour management system resulting in sustainable colors.
This brings an accurate pre-printing stage ensures a quality and trouble-free production process. The in-house graphic studio designs, on request, or prepares projects provided by the client in a manner consistent with the printing requirements.
During the preparation of the ink, technicians verify the suitable formulas and store the data for each customer, to ensure consistent quality in the event of reprints. Each cylinder undergoes a printing test before production, to verify the suitability & sustainability of the plant. PilenPak has chosen to manage the preparation of printing cylinders internally.
Since 1994, this department provides an exclusive competitive advantage, ensuring quality and above all full control of the manufacturing times. Over 100 cylinders are prepared each day, engraved and chrome-plated to ensure consistent quality for future reprints.
A large warehouse stores over 12,500 cylinders that are always ready to be reused.


Constant quality integrated software system
Information flows through customer when and whereever needed.
PilenPak’s intelligence arises from its software program designed by its own IT.
The customer specifications are embedded in this software. This integrates all processes from order intake through conversion till the service includes such as VMI implementation.