Rotogravure printing

Extra value to final product FAST RESPONSE WITH HIGH precision
The various printing lines in PilenPak factories ensure maximum production flexibility. The exclusive work organisation software allows us to manage up to 60 different types of product
in a 24-hour non-stop work cycle.
Together with printing, 5 lamination lines offer a full range of solutions for every sector, with Solvent-Based or Solvent-Less lamination technology.
We utilize latest technology available in the market for short & long run product portfolio management integrated with competitive advantage.


Flexographic printing in rotogravure quality with advanced plants
State of the art Flexographic printing technology ensures rotogravure printing quality for a wider product range covering small & big pack sizes.
A fully equipped environment is dedicated to flexographic printing.
The work is monitored 24 hours a day by the factory management software and by cameras on-board the 10-colour plant, which can produce 500 metres per minute. Safety in the workplace and special attention to solvent recycling ensure production with respect for both employee health and the environment. When processing is complete, PilenPak provides 8 machines for laser marking, cutting, drilling and customisation (unicoding, sms promotion password).