PilenPak is a converter that meets not only the standard needs but has the capability to offer tailor designed flexible packaging to its clientele. This capability arises from its organisation which is designed to bring creative and innovative solutions through out an effective Project Management in cooperation with its clientele. This organisation is consisted of dedicated, dynamic human resources with analytical thought and the technologic substructure PilenPak has been investing since its foundation to keep sustainable growth. In the aim to deliver the better quality the faster and the cheaper Pilenpak has already adopted lean approach in its entire process. PilenPak pursues your needs and matches its flexible system to ensure your packaging is shaped in its hand with the same colour shades, same aspect at any time. PilenPak counts its task adding value to your packaging. Let’s share your ideas and projects to achieve creative solutions to drive your standards through excellence. PilenPak is being your partner for your current and future packaging needs. We value your projects which shape investing in the state of the art technology of converting.